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Client Testimonials

ALL IN Consulting has completed over 100 assignments for over 50 companies including many Fortune 500 companies.  We specialize in assisting the needs of the small and medium sized enterprizes having $5M to $250M in sales revenue.   We specialize in the following industries: Information Technology (enterprise software, memory, IT distribution), Industrial Equipment (chemical, oil & gas, heavy machinery, gas sensors), Semiconductor (memory chips, manufacturing equipment), Medical (disposals and patient monitoring systems), Renewable Energy (hydro, solar, wind), Lighting (fixtures, lamps, ballast) and Manufacturing/Outsourcing (plastics, molds, extrusion, metals, laser). 

Below are a few of our success stories.  Please contact us for stories and experiences in your specific industry.   


Kingston Technology

Fountain Valley, California

World’s largest memory manufacturer


Kingston wanted to expand its presence in China, Japan and India.  ALL IN Consulting established a network of distributors and resellers expanding 12 countries,    provided in-country representation in China, and created  over $200M in new revenue. 


ALL IN did a great job for us.  They established an effective and profitable presence for us in a short time. Our sales increase is directly attributed to ALL IN’s work.   I recommend them for any company needing a China and Asia Pacific entry strategy.”      

  - John Tu, President,  Forbes 100 Richest Americans

National Technical Systems

Camarillo, California


Provides compliance testing for the information technology, telecommunications, automotive, medical, and defense industries.  Expanding its Asian presence, NTS was looking for market entry strategies.  ALL IN surveyed the key Asian countries, and presented several alternatives- joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiary, licensing partners, or buyout opportunities.

ALL IN gave us a clear picture of the Asian market, presented all options, and guided us on the various business cultures.  They knew exactly what we wanted, and did a thorough job. I would recommend All IN to any medium-sized company needing a China market entry strategy. 

          -         Bill McGinnis, CEO

Graphon Corporation

Santa Cruz, California

Developer of enterprise software


Graphon for many years have been seeking sales opportunities in Asia but with little success. In 2003, ALL IN analyzed Graphon’s China and Asia potential, proposed a selling strategy, implemented the strategy and from 2004 to 2009 has built a solid and proftable sales network.


“Worried about software knock-offs, ALL IN alleviated our concerns. We selected proven and ethical distribution partners who respect the Western legal system. China, and Asia is a success for us.”

        - John Dillworth, Vice President of Sales


Osaka, Japan

Components Division


Not having success in China for many years, Panasonic became frustrated and sought outside assistance. 

We went to large advisory firms, and finally chose ALL IN, they gave us a clear, concise China entry strategy.  We had distributor names, customer contacts, and competitor analysis. The other consultants gave us mumbo jumbo and charged us an arm and leg for it.  All IN gave us a reasonable price proposal and exceeded our expectations.”

                     - Shinichi Ouchi, Business Manager




Marley Cooling Towers, Division of SPX Industrial Equipment

Shanghai, China


Having manufacturing facilities in China, Marley wanted to expand its cooling tower sales in Korea, Australia, Japan, and India.  From 1999 to 2003, Marley used several large consulting companies to assist in the sales effort.  After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was a complete failure.  In 2004, Marley hired ALL IN to assist.


“At first, I was skeptical.  How can a small consulting company assist when even the Big Boys couldn't produce results?  Anyways, we gave ALL IN 6 months and they delivered real results for us.  We just didn't get a 100-page report.  We got distributors, projects, and real customers.  In one year, we got an additional $8 M USD in sales revenue soley due to ALL IN's work. 

               - Gary Chan, CEO of Marley Asia Pacific

Nanosolar, Inc.

San Jose, California


Nanosolar is a leading developer of solar modules using nano-technology material.  The CEO wanted to look for both licensing and sales partners in China.  In addition, they also wanted to find thin glass manufacturers in China. 


ALL IN setup 5-7 meetings with the largest solar panel manufacturers in China.  I was very impressed with ALL IN's connections.  I left China having a very good picture of the China renewable energy market. ALL IN also found suitalbe glass vendors for us and conducted factory inspections on our behalf.  Stanley is a great partner for us.  I highly recommend ALL IN to any company needing either an Asian sales strategy or an outsourcing issue."

            - Martin Roscheisen, CEO





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