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Customer Case Studies

 Industry - Environmental Testing


National Technical Systems (NTS)


NTS conducts 3rd party testing for industry and government standards in the automotive, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, fiber optics, and wireless industries.  Because many of these equipment and products are now being produced in China, NTS wanted to seek a low-cost market entry strategy for China and possibly other countries.


ALL IN conducted a 4-month study in China, Taiwan, and Singapore and met with potential customers in all of the industries that NTS tests for, interviewed potential licensing and strategic partners (both government and private), and questioned government bodies on any regulations for 3rd party testing organizations.


NTS, since 2004, has successfully found 2 partners in Asia and is now (2012) seeking to expand its operations with either new partners or registering a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise).   NTS has been a customer for ALL IN for the past 10 years.

Industry- High-tech, IT


Graphon Corporation


Graphon is a enterprise software developer of thin client enterprise software.  From 1995-2003, Graphon has been trying to break into the Asian markets but have had little success. 


In 2004, ALL IN surveyed in the Asian market and recommended a complete overhaul of the strategy: new pricing, different distributors, updated marketing campaign, and new countries. 


As of today (2012), Graphon is still a on-going client of ALL IN with record sales in Asia Pacific for the past 5 years.  Graphon now has a solid distribution base in China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia. 


Our manufacturing projects have included:

  • Search for medical equipment manufacturers to jointly manufacturer orthopedic parts for a major U.S. manufacturer.
  • Setup of solar panel factory in Shenzhen for a U.S. manufacturer.
  • Assisted in the due diligence process for Marley Cooling Towers in the search for greenfield manufacturing sites.
  • Establishment of a sub-assembly factory for Kingston Technology in Shanghai.
  • Search & qualification of electronic ballast factories for Philips Lighting in China. 

Outsourcing- General

We have sourced the following products & components:

  • Labtops and computer peripherals
  • Plastic, rubber parts & components
  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Raw material & components for U.S. orthopedic manufacturer
  • PCB for Kingston Technology
  • Fiber optics components
  • Solar panels
  • Electronic motion sensors
  • Toys
  • Textiles

Outsourcing- Medical

  • - Syringes
  • - Lancets
  • -  Insulin Syringes
  • - IV Catheters
  • - Patient Monitors
  • - Wheelchairs
  • - Stretchers
  • - Transfer benches
  • - Bandages
  • - Blood Transfusion Kits
  • - Anesthesia Machines
  • - Orthopedic implants
  • - Surgical gloves & gowns
  • - Endoscopes
  • - Scalp Vein Sets
  • - Dental & surgical instruments

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