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Read Chao's New Book

Selling to China

A Guide to Doing Business in China for Small- & Medium-Sized Companies

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Debunking Conventional Wisdom

Chapter 2: Finding Your Chinese Partner

Chapater 3: The Translator: Your Only Link

Chapter 4: Throw Away the Contract

Chapter 5: So, How do we Protect Ourselves?

Chapter 6: Negotiations: A Never-Ending Process

Chapter 7: Selling to China: Answer Four Questions

Chapter 8: Selling to China: Market Study

Chapter 9: Selling to China: Distributors

Chapter 10: Selling to China: WOFEs and JVs

Chapter 11: Thirteen Rules for Doing Business in China

Recent News

All In's managing director, Stanley Chao has written a new book about doing business in China, Selling to China, A Guide to Doing Business in China for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies (ISBN 978-1-4759-1178-7). The book's scheduled release date is December 2, 2012.  Please contact ALL IN Consulting or Stanley Chao for a complimentary copy of the book (offer valid for first 200 requests.)

Here are some of the recent book reviews:

"Selling to China takes a refreshingly nuanced stance on oft-repeated platitudes about Chinese cultural traits as guanxi- connections-and mianzi, or face."  - Kirkus Reviews

"Selling to China . . . is a timely, relevant read for SMB owners who think they're ready to take on China.  Chao is a thinker and strategist whose book might be able to help you predict your chances [in China]."   - Reader Views

". . . an indispensable guide book for those interested in doing business with China and a valuable resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of contemporary Chinese thinking and behavior."  

                               - Burton Levin, former US ambassador to Burma and US Consulate General in Hong Kong 

"Chao's advice and consulting to my company has been indispensible.  This book will pay for itself thousands of times over for any company, big or small, wanting to do business in China."   

                               -  John Tu, Forbes Magazine 151st richest Americans in 2012 and CEO of Kingston Technology

"The book will be most informative to all who wish to be successful in China.  Chao's writing style is 'to the point' and covers a wealth of valuable advice and real-life case studies.  This should be required reading for all businesspeople wanting to go to China."

                              - Vincent Cook, former COO of IBM Asia-Pacific Corporation

About Selling to China

The conventional wisdom that only large corporations can do business in China is a thing of the past.  Small- and medium-sized businesses today enjoy the same opportunities in China once granted only to large, multinational conglomerates. In Selling to China, author Stanley Chao helps all businesses: learn effective ways to deal with Chinese businesspeople and private and state-owned companies; analyze whether certain products or services are viable for the Chinese market; understand the psyche of the "Mao Generation" Chinese who are now China's business owners, executives, and government leaders; and develop low-cost, market-entry strategies.
Filled with clear, tangible steps and applicable personal anecdotes, Selling to China bridges the gap between Western and Chinese cultures, languages, and histories to help businesses enter the Chinese marketplace.

About ALL IN Consulting

ALL IN Consulting specializes in assisting small and medium sized companies (5 - 250 Million USD in sales revenue) in their Asia and China strategies particuarly in Marketing, Sales, Market Entry Strategies, Competitor Analysis, Quality Audits, Proof of Concept Studies, Manufacturing, and Outsourcing projects. 

We found that SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) face challenges much different than larger corporations.  SME's are often limited in resources (manpower, capital, time) and "Asian" experience. SME's lack market knowledge, have limited cultural and business information, and face language barriers.  Further, most consulting companies cater to only large corporations.  ALL IN Consulting understands the challenges, needs, and budgetary constraints of the SME's and is flexible enough to design a unique and economical business model for our SME clients.  

We are headquartered in Los Angeles with a subsidiary office in Shanghai, China.   We have conducted projects for Philips Electronics, Intel Corporation, Emerson Electric, SPX Corporation, Carrier Corporation and dozens of small and medium size enterprises.

ALL IN Consulting is a subsidiary of Kingston Technology, the world's largest memory module supplier with over $4B in sales.  The owner of Kingston, John Tu, is on ALL IN's board of directors and actively participates in projects.  Forbes Magazine ranked John Tu as the #91 richest American in 2008 and most recently, the 151st richest American in 2012.   

ALL IN's president, Stanley Chao, has over 20 years experience working in China and the Asia Pacific.  He was previously president of Kingston Japan in Tokyo and reported directly to Masayoshi Son, president of Softbank Corporation and of the world's most richest and successful businessman.  Chao has also worked at Merrill Lynch Japan, and Philips Electronics in China.

Please read articles by Stanley Chao:

Doing Business in China Part I

Doing Business in China Part II

Quality in China



- Market entry strategies

- In-country representation

- Marketing

- Sales strategy planning

- Competitor/Industry analysis

- Proof of concept analysis

- Manufacturing/Outsourcing projects

- Quality audits

- Government contacts

- Distribution/Sales channel search/qualification

- Licensing partner search/qualification


- Manufacturing-related

- Factory equipment

- Medical

- Biotech/Pharmaceutical

- Computer & information technology

- Automotive

- Infrastructure & construction

- Telecommunications

- Lighting

- Semiconductor

- Oil & Gas

- Aviation

Our Customers

ALL IN Consulting has completed over 100 assignments for over 200 companies including the Fortune 1000 companies.  Our specialty is assisting small and medium sized companies in developing their Asian strategies.  Our large corporate clients include:

  • Philips Electronics
  • Intel Corporation
  • Panasonic Medical Group
  • Panasonic Components Division
  • Hitachi Heavy Metal
  • Marley Cooling Towers
  • Emerson Electric
  • Kingston Technology
  • Softbank Corporation
  • Graphon Corporation
  • Carrier Corporation
  • National Technical Systems
  • Over 50 small and medium size companies

Though we have conducted projects for multinational corporations, our specialty is working with small and medium size businesses in the $5M to $250M (sales revenue) range. 

For many years, it's been conventional wisdom that only large companies could go to China.  This is not the case anymore as China's infrastructure and business climate is now more suitable for small and midsize companies.

ALL IN can conduct a review and assesement of your "China" strategy.  We can also give you a quotation on your project usually over the telephone.


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